Self Esteem Struggle

I get out of the shower and just stand there, dripping wet, butt-naked and pick out all the things I hate about my body. I am not tan. My hair is too frizzy and not straight. My abs are hiding under a layer of pudge. My arms wave back. I have cellulite on my thighs. My booty isn’t perky enough. I have small boobs. My skin keeps breaking out. I get annoyed with how I look and quickly put on my clothes so I don’t have to look at it anymore. Do you do this too?

I call this the self-esteem struggle. Yes, males can suffer like this too. But females are much more emotionally impacted by their own self image. These tendencies start when we are young. We get so down on ourselves for not being skinny enough, fit enough, tan enough, tall enough, and on and on and on. There is an endless list of things that we can find wrong or that we don’t like.

I often find myself having a bad day or emotional about something and I eat…then I feel guilty and I struggle with keeping that in my stomach. When I was in high school I suffered from bulimia nervosa. I would “eat my emotions” to cope with whatever I was dealing with at the time and then I would go throw it all up so that I wouldn’t gain weight. Now mind you, I was 5’4 weighing 115 pounds. If I could go back and slap myself for thinking I was fat, I would. Nevertheless, a close friend found out and got me help and I recovered. That didn’t mean the symptoms went away. I still sometimes have to fight with those demons.

Society has such a skewed view on what a girl should “look like”. Everyone is beautiful inside and out. There are things that you can do to make your life healthy! Eating right, getting an adequate amount of exercise and having a good support system.

I am a mother of two. I have the “mom pooch” and I hate it! So yes I work out and try to eat healthy. I use supplements and I wrap. I don’t expect it to do the work for me, but it helps tighten, tone, and firm that excess skin.

I have to tell myself everyday that I am not ugly or fat and that I am a strong, beautiful, smart woman and that I am better than all these bad thoughts I think about myself. As long as I am actively trying to better myself I find it is harder to hate those “flaws”.

If I can do this, so can you. You are beautiful so love yourself.



Don’t believe me? Just watch. 

I was very skeptical about it. I’m not going to lie. After I had ordered and received my business kit (which comes with 4 wraps) I decided to wrap myself. 

I never thought I would get the results that I did. I put the wrap on, began to drink my water and went about my daily tasks. 

After I took it off I didn’t really noticed a big difference. I know that everyone reacts differently so I had to wait and see. 

I continued to drink my water for 3 days. I documented by taking pictures and here is what I got. 


With all this said, I never viewed this as an alternative to exercise and healthy eating. I continue to do those. Every day is a struggle to stay on the correct path. I’m human and I fight with temptation. I have my own problems with self image and esteem (that’s for another day) but these wraps are little pushers. 

They help push you to be better. Healthier. 

All you have to do is simply start. 

This crazy wrap life!

As with all things in life, you must start with a beginning. I hope this is the beginning of something great.

I made the decision to become an independent distributor for a company called It Works! Global last August. It was not a decision made lightly. I was going through some tough things and changes needed to be made. I needed a way to bring in supplemental income to my family. I am not going to go into detail about what was happening and why we needed it because that is not the important part. But the reality is that this is the norm for most American families. We have these jobs that don’t provide what is needed.

I had seen the “wraps” around a few times and through social media but I had never given much thought to even becoming a distributor. I made the decision into maybe starting one the many “home based businesses” that are offered through various companies(scentsy, pure romance, younique, pampered chef etc.) but never did I imagine I would be a part of something this big and positive. Being an active duty soldier in the US Army made it a little more of a challenge in finding one of these “businesses” I would have time for, because not only was I an 24/7 solider but I was a 24/7 mom of 2 AND a full time student. All of these different start up fees and businesses seemed like dead ends and I was at a loss. My heart was breaking and I was running out of time and energy.

My cousin became a distributor for It Works! soon after that not even knowing that I was looking into things like this. So I started asking her questions about the business. It slowly peaked my interest and gave me a little peace of mind knowing that if she was doing it then it wasn’t just a scam. Could this actually be attainable? She told me one thing that stayed with me “It doesn’t matter what you choose to do because it’s all about your “why”, and that will be your driving factor”

Two days later I dove in head first into this crazy wrap life. I have met some one the nicest people. I work for an amazing company that takes care of their people. And I have another way to provide for my family.

I am on my way to a better me.